Supply Cloud Makes Doing Business with Your Customers Easier

Wish you had the time and resources to service businesses of all sizes?

Drop the complexity of dealing with disparate systems and expensive integrations on a per customer basis.

No Customers Left Behind

No more manual POs with missed sales order information

No more expensive one-time integrations to eCommerce sites or PIM

No more managing multiple requests for product data

No more time-consuming and unsafe emailed PDFs

Support Distributors of Any Size Without Fail

One spot for product information management (PIM)

One spot for your EDI system to connect

One spot for commerce

One spot for electronic payments

One spot for advanced analytics

Supply Cloud is the One True B2B Network

Revolutionize Your Business Today


Connect once and trade with everyone. Powered by a unique one-to-many architecture, OneConnect does exactly that: it allows you to connect with all your trading partners in one convenient spot, all in one click. This seamless integration digitizes and automates B2B transactions, creating a positive procure-to-pay online experience for all.


Effortlessly and securely manage supply chain document exchange in an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format with all your customers on Supply Cloud. Leverage the one-to-many architecture to connect once and send electronic invoices, purchase orders, order acknowledgements and shipping notifications to all your customers trading on Supply Cloud. As new customers are added, there is no additional work for you. Connect once and you’re done.


Eliminate never-ending requests for product data in different formats and the hassle of maintaining a myriad of connections to multiple eCommerce platforms. Connect to all your customers in one spot, regardless of size. Send product information to any party, ERP or website (no matter the technology) and ensure your customers are getting authorized data from you, the source. Use our OnePIM solution or connect using your existing PIM provider and begin sending product data hassle-free.


Provide customers with accurate, up-to-date product information (including images, videos, and support documents) to increase sales. Product data is harmonized and sent to the connected ERP and eCommerce sites, delivering a consistent and compelling product experience at every touchpoint.


OnePay revolutionizes the way suppliers receive and manage payments. Suppliers can receive a single electronic payment and remittance for all customers, streamlining the process for posting payments and providing real-time line of sight into any potential collection issues before they happen. Reduce costs and eliminate the burden of chasing down payments and managing multiple payment setups. This is progressive cash flow management at its finest.


Gain greater visibility and insight into the supplier-distributor relationship to make actionable, data-driven decisions. OneAnalytics allows you to see and interact with data in a single platform and export data for further analysis and easy sharing. Get a 360° view of business performance through comparative analytics, demographic data, seasonal trends, overdue payments, accurate forecasting, and more.

Trade Smarter

Digitize your supply chain, increase collaboration, share rich product information, and expand your electronic B2B network with one easy connection.

Order Easier

Simplify your ordering process with digitized purchase orders. Forecast purchases using OneAnalytics to ensure access to needed inventory.

Send Accurately

Eliminate manual keying errors and data errors bridging different electronic systems with OneConnect. Exchange purchase orders, order confirmations, advanced shipping notices, invoices, and other trading documents error-free.

And Pay Simply

Pay all of your invoices on one platform. Track invoice due dates and prompt pay discounts in order to optimize cash flow.

We're Revolutionizing Businesses

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Connect ALL your distributors in one spot, regardless of size. Send pricing and product information to any party or website (no matter the technology), and easily receive purchase orders and payments in one-click.
Already have a PIM and | or EDI? We can plug into that.

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At Supply Cloud, you connect once and you’re done. With 30+ integrations to the world’s largest systems, it’s the secret ingredient to trading effortlessly.

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The biggest headache we had was getting product information into our customers’ hands. We had too many requests in too many data formats. This headache has gone away with Supply Cloud’s PIM. Now we can send the rich product data our distributors need effortlessly to all our customers in a single file with a single connection.

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